Simeon Stuff

Simeon was born in 1938 in the mountains of East Tennessee and raised in New Orleans. As a boy he used to sneak into Rampart Street Clubs to hear the likes of Fats Domino and Big Mama Thornton. When still a teenager, Simeon left the family nest to go to New York and seek a career as an artist. Although widely exhibited there, even at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art, he could not make a living at it and eventually had to take a job as a dishwasher in a summer camp in Connecticut. While there he jammed with some of the waiters and busboys who were bluegrass musicians and soon they were working regularly playing soul and rock, calling themselves The Random Concept 


with Simeon as the lead singer, seen here in the middle. In 1967, now back in New York, Simeon began singing with The Overland Stage Electric Band who were the regular band at the Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village. 


Both Performing (2)

One night, as a lark, Simeon plugged in an oscillator and began sweeping sounds around the room with gleeful abandon while the drummer, named Danny Taylor (who had previously worked with a young guitar sensation named Jimi Hendrix) pounded out rhythms in cutting edge experimentation. This so outraged the three guitar players in the band that they quit, leaving just Simeon and Danny . . . and Silver Apples was born. 

Through all the ups and downs of the Silver Apples saga, Simeon remained true to his art, and has exhibited works in galleries and museums internationally. Simeon continues Silver Apples as a live and recording act performing his signature electronic music at concerts and festivals in 6 continents.